Let’s Talk Portion Size

portion size for dogs
The small scoop of food shown in the picture to the left isn’t even a 1/2 cup measured in volume. Want to know something surprising about that portion? It’s double the amount Leia should eat. Doesn’t that portion look small? Now imagine that portion split in two, and...
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In Which Rocco’s House Makes Soup.

Every now and again I get this idea in my head that I should be eating more healthy foods and fewer twinkies. I make plans to only eat vegetables from my garden, to bike to work, and maybe even drink a little bit of water. Conveniently, I usually...
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Rocco Reads: Be The Dog by Steve Duno

Review of Be the Dog by Steve Duno
There are thousands of dog training manuals out there, but when you only have so much time to read, how do you choose one? By having us read it for you first! In our new feature, Rocco Reads, we will be reading training books on in as-we-finish-them basis,...
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How to trim black dog nails (with pictures)

how to trim black dog nails
You’ve always done your own dog’s nails before. Trimming the nails was easy because they were clear, and you could look through the shiny hard outer covering to see the vein within. Then you get a new dog, lift his foot with the clippers poised to make the...
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Another Betta Post

Today I put a betta in a less than one gallon bowl, and I’m proud of it. As per our habit, my husband and I went for a brief trot around Petsmart, where we always check out the bettas. I am not sure what is going on there,...
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Twitch Touches The Target

My husband got me a Go Pro camera, so I thought it would be nice to take videos of the 7 tricks Twitch already knows, before going on to tackle new tricks. I love the under water view of Twitch pegging that paddle time after time. To train...
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Feeding Raw

At Rocco’s House, I feed one of my dogs a raw food diet 100% of the time, and the rest of my dogs raw when ever I can afford it. For those who don’t remember my story, I got Leia with significant health issues. Her problems including an...
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Rocco vs. Jennifer Adams Cleaner & Deodorizer

Last year we trained Rocco to sniff out animal urine, in order to find out whether pet cleaning solutions really work or not. We asked some companies if they’d be willing to send us products, and a few of them did. The first one to volunteer a product...
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