Ultimate Chihuahua Slim Down, Day 11

Rocco had his weigh-in on Friday, and he is 10 pounds! The scale actually kept fluctuating between 10 and 9.8, but we decided we’d rather go with the higher number than risk being disappointed again. We’re glad to see that the weight is going down, and that the…well…whoopsies...
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Ultimate Chihuahua Slim Down, Day 5

Well I planned to update on Wednesday, but we had such a fun day today that I thought I’d post an update. Rocco has gone on 3 walks totaling 4.55 miles since we started exercising. This doesn’t count his potty walks since we don’t track them on endomondo,...
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Ultimate Chihuahua Slim Down

My dog is fat. He has not yet toddled his way over into the obese category, but he is definitely fat. His maximum weight should be 8 pounds, and I found out when I weighed him yesterday he is a whopping 9.6. That’s the equivalent of a human...
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Raising Cornish Cross for Meat – Week by Week

So let’s talk about meat. Unless you are a vegetarian, chances are at one point or another you’ve given half a thought to the animal that died in the name of chicken soup. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and don’t look up what horrible lives these...
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52 days left!

We just have 52 days left till the farmer’s market, and things are finally starting to look good. Today we had a huge backyard clean up. We filled an entire dumpster just with branches from our last wind storm. We pressure washed the deck, raked up all the...
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Can you grow with a black thumb?

My meager radish crop last year.
Everything is planted for the 2016 market, except for radishes which only take 30 days. All that is left is to water, weed, and worry for the next eight weeks. What’s to worry about, you may ask? Well. The truth is, I have a black thumb. Yes, it...
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The carrots are planted!

Got the carrots and the beets planted over the last couple of days. I anticipate that they will be full grown about the first week of Farmer’s Market, and should keep in the ground until they are all sold. I went ahead and got my business license so...
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Spring is here!!!

I just spent a wonderful morning putting together the paperwork for my very first Farmer’s Market stall. The new Farmer’s Market directory is a magical person who answered all my questions quickly. She even said she’d come and visit my garden when things are growing! It felt wonderful...
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Bucket List Item #57 – Complete.

A few months ago my friend and I decided to write out our bucket lists. We wanted to come up with 100, but I could only come up with 67 that day, and haven’t added to it since. I’m proud to say that I can finally check off...
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Alright, I’m done pouting.

It has been almost a year since I accidentally deleted the original Rocco’s House. Since then I have barely posted at all. Partly because I simply don’t have time to test dog stuff, partly because redoing the same tests is not very much fun, and partly because I’m...
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